Restoration is our passion

Hadlyme, CT

Located on the Connecticut River at the foot of the rolling hills of Lyme CT, our office and millshop are well positioned to meet with clients and engage in projects west to New Haven, and east to Charleston RI. It is often said that one’s character is set by their environmental engagement, and to this end we truly enjoy applying our craft to the wonderful homes along the CT shoreline and north to Hartford.

Fishers Island, NY

Located in Long Island Sound just south of the Mystic/Stonington harbor, Fishers Island is a unique private gem with historic cottages and creative new homes. H. P. Broom Housewright is proud to have established a continual presence on the island for more than 30 years. Whether renovating a 1920’s mansion or building a new summer home our team is supported by our on-island shop, dedicated crew and support boat. The Island is a special place, and our team has developed particular services and process to best serve our clients. We look forward to our continued relationship with the great clients of Fishers Island.