Sterling City Properties

Because of it’s years of experience restoring antique houses H P Broom Housewright has partnered with Sterling City Properties, a land development company devoted to rescuing endangered 18th century houses. Over the past 30 years SCP has rescued, dismantled and reconstructed 7 antique homes that were slated for demolition. SCP purchased a 35 acre parcel of land in Lyme CT and created 12 building sites on which these house are to be relocated. There are six building sites remaining on Stone Post Road, some with water views overlooking the Falls River that empties into Hamburg Cove. At present, there are two dismantled houses available, with many more in danger throughout New England. H P Broom Housewright is proud to be involved in reconstructing these important symbols of our heritage at Stone Post Road or on any site a client wishes. Transforming once proud historic structures into luxurious, comfortable homes with all the charms of an antique, but with up to date mechanical systems, achieves the best of both worlds. For more information please contact Sterling City Properties through H P Broom Housewright.

Sterling City Properties – Completed projects